Gospel Testimonies | God’s Words Guide Me to Learn How to Educate My Children (II)

Xiaoxue, Malaysia

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  One day after dinner, I taught my eldest son how to read Chinese—just the simple words, “Heaven, earth, people, and, earth, daddy, mommy….” I taught him quite a few times, but he still couldn’t write them. He would write the first word and then forget the next one. The anger inside me rose up, and I grabbed the ruler on the table and hit him several times. I shouted loudly: “How stupid you are! You cannot even learn these few words!” My eldest son was hit until he cried, “waah, waah” and broke free and ran to stand in the corner. I scolded him, “Come over here and keep writing!” My eldest son did not come over, so I grabbed hold of him and pulled him onto the chair. Seeing that my eldest son’s hand had been beaten red and swollen by me, I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. I cried and returned to my room and prayed to God: “God! As soon as my child displeased me, I could not control my anger. I don’t want to treat my children like this. God, may You help me.” After praying, I slowly calmed down. Continue reading “Gospel Testimonies | God’s Words Guide Me to Learn How to Educate My Children (II)”


Christian Movie Segment – God Holds Sovereignty Over the Fate of Every Country and All Peoples

The ancient Roman Empire and the old British Empire became prosperous and powerful before people knew it, and then took a turn toward decline and ruin. Now, the United States of America has become the undisputed world superpower and it also has the irreplaceable role of maintaining and stabilizing the world situation. What kinds of mysteries are really hidden behind the rise and fall of nations? Who is ruling over the fates of every country and all peoples? This wonderful segment from the Christian movie, The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, will reveal these answers to you.

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Christian Documentary “The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything”: Testimony of the Power of God

Gospel Testimonies | God’s Words Guide Me to Learn How to Educate My Children (I)

Xiaoxue, Malaysia


  I have two sons and they are one year apart. In order to raise them to be cultured, well mannered, good people who will be able to establish themselves in society and succeed, when they were two years old, I discussed finding a good kindergarten for them with my husband. After some visits, inquiries and comparison, we selected an English kindergarten because they placed importance on children’s caliber and ability, which matched my view on educating children. Although the tuition fees were a bit high, as long as the children were able to develop better and get a better education, it was worth spending a little more money.

  As my children gradually grew up, I found that they were not as sensible and obedient as I had hoped for. On the contrary, they were extremely overbearing and rebellious. For example, when I took them to the mall, when they saw something they liked, they just took it and if I did not buy it for them, they would lie on the floor and cry and make a fuss. When they played with other children, if they saw something that they liked, they would snatch it from others. If the other children did not give it to them, they would hit them. Seeing my children being so capricious and overbearing, I reprimanded them firmly every time. However, not only was this ineffective, but my children became less and less obedient. Once I reprimanded them, they would throw their clothes and shoes in the trash. When they were angry, they would take scissors and cut up their clothes, sheets and pillows. I felt very sad about this. How could my children be so arrogant and badly behaved? I suggested they change schools but my husband did not agree. He said that children should grow up naturally and spontaneously. My husband’s attitude toward my children made me very angry: An excellent child is nurtured, not left to develop free-range. Who knows how they would become if you let them develop independently! But no matter how I persuaded him, my husband still insisted on his point of view. I felt extremely pained seeing my husband as a father being so irresponsible. If we continued like this, what would become of our children in the future! The more I thought about this, the more worried I felt, and I did not know what to do. I felt at a loss as to what to do about my children’s education and felt afflicted and worried. Continue reading “Gospel Testimonies | God’s Words Guide Me to Learn How to Educate My Children (I)”

Praise and Worship Song | “The Sky Here Is So Blue” (Female Chorus)


Ay … here is a sky,
oh … a sky that is so different!
An exquisite fragrance is suffused all over the land, and the air is clean.
Almighty God became flesh and lives amongst us,
expressing the truth and beginning the judgment of the last days.
God’s words lay bare the truth of our corruption,
we are cleansed and perfected by every kind of trial and refinement.
We say farewell to our degenerate life and change our old appearance for a new face.
We act and speak with principle and allow God’s words to hold sway.
The flames of our love for God are ignited in our hearts.
We spread God’s words, bear witness for Him, and transmit the kingdom gospel.
We dedicate our entire being to satisfy God and are willing to suffer any pain.
Thanks be to Almighty God for changing our fate.
We live a new life and welcome a brand new tomorrow! Continue reading “Praise and Worship Song | “The Sky Here Is So Blue” (Female Chorus)”

The Testimony of a Christian|A Doctor’s Experience of Metamorphosis

Liu Jing

  When I was a child, whenever my mother took me to the hospital to see a doctor and I saw all the doctors and nurses in their white gowns scurrying around, I always thought that they looked like angels in white. I was full of admiration for them, and I used to think: If I could be an angel in white too when I grow up, that would be so great! As a young adult, my school grades were exceptionally good and I was able to pass the entrance exam for medical college, and eventually my heartfelt wish came true when I was sent to a certain city hospital to begin my career as a doctor. You can’t imagine how happy I was on the first day that I put on a white gown! The professional duty of doctors is to cure illness and prevent death, and that makes the profession highly respected, lofty! I was determined to live up to the nickname, angels in white, by being a totally responsible and professional doctor committed to relieving the suffering of my patients.

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My Dream Begins to Crack

  Following the trend of China’s reform and opening up, my hospital enthusiastically responded to the central government’s slogan “It doesn’t matter if the cat’s black or white as long as it catches rats.” The old system of jobs for life on fixed salaries was done away with, and everything became performance related. I worked in the hospital clinics and the hospital set a quota for the number of patients that we clinic doctors had to transfer to the hospital wards. For every patient short of the quota we were fined RMB 50. When I first learned of this I got very angry. I thought: So even if there is nothing seriously wrong with the patient, we must still send them to the wards? Isn’t this a kind of fraud? It’s completely heartless. Continue reading “The Testimony of a Christian|A Doctor’s Experience of Metamorphosis”

Christian Movie | “The Gospel Messenger” | Preaching the Gospel of the Last Days

Chen Yixin has believed in the Lord for over 20 years and works and preaches enthusiastically for the Lord. She was arrested by the Chinese Communist government and spent four years in prison. She stood witness for the Lord. However, the sad situation of the church’s growing desolation throws her into pain and confusion. Later on, she is lucky to hear the gospel of Almighty God in the last days and is finally reunited with the Lord. Full of joy, she shares the good news of the Lord’s return with the other brothers and sisters from her church, but she never imagined that what she’d get in return would be slander, insults, being driven out, and even blows…. Chen Yixin sees God’s urgent will to save mankind from Almighty God’s words and she realizes that spreading the gospel of the kingdom is God’s commission, and that it is particularly the mission of every single creature, and a bounden duty…. In recent years she has gone from province to province, city to city to spread the gospel and bear witness to God, during which time she has suffered constant suppression and rejection by religious circles as well as the pursuit and oppression of the satanic Chinese Communist regime. Although she has been weak, through these bitter experiences she comes to see the truth that the religious world is controlled by antichrists and false shepherds. She also sees the essence of religious circles believing in God while also resisting Him, and God’s love and salvation for mankind. With the guidance of Almighty God’s words and the encouragement of God’s love, she shoulders God’s commission and courageously forges ahead with no fear of the danger …

What I gain from this movie:

Spreading the gospel and testifying God are God’s commissions to each Christian and these are the responsibilities that we should fulfill. Seeing this sister wasn’t overwhelmed by the evil forces of the CCP in the atheist country, but still, by the leading of God’s word, she persevered testifying God’s end time salvation to those who long for the Lord’s return. Thank God for His salvation to me that I am able to hear the voice of God and the words God expresses in the last days. I am moved by God’s eagerness for saving man, so I am willing to equip the truths and spread the gospel to repay God’s love. Hope that every one will receive God’s gospel of the last days.