God’s Disposition Is Righteousness and, Even More, Love | Testimony of a Christian

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Fang Xin, Beijing

August 15, 2012

  Ever since 2007, when I accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days, although I have appeared on the surface to be very busy fulfilling my duties, I have not given my heart to God, and have often felt bound to the point of suffocation by trifling family issues. Every time I think about the fact that my daughter is already thirty years old, yet still hasn’t found a suitable partner, I complain to God; my son only cares about having a good time, and despite not earning any money, he spends profligately, so I complain; and my own old spouse goes to work, but his foreman doesn’t pay him—and I complain about this as well…. I complain left and right, and often misunderstand God. It seems as though God has been overly unfair to me. As a result, I have been living in darkness and suffering. However, I have not known that I should seek God, and have been profoundly ignorant of how dangerous my state is. I have merely struggled helplessly amidst my suffering. Nevertheless, God knows my state inside out. He uses unique methods to call out to me and save me, causing me to awaken from dream and escape Satan’s harm and affliction.

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  On August 1, 2012, it rained especially hard. The water level in the river rose rapidly, and had already gotten over the bridge. It was surging forward wave after wave, and the situation was extremely dire. As I was about to drive my electric scooter across the submerged bridge, my front tire had just reached it and I was thinking about mashing down the power to charge forward when, to my surprise, it turned out the water was too deep and the waves too high. Before I could react, my vehicle—with me on it—was swept away by the current. I was just about to shout, “Almighty God!” Before the words could escape my lips, however, water poured into my mouth, and I was gargling gulp after gulp of water. At the time I understood in my heart, and knew clearly in my mind, that this was my final destination. I was going to die here. The water continued to pour into my mouth, and I struggled to call out to God but was unable to. Suddenly, I had an opportunity. I looked up, my face breaking the surface, and in that moment I was finally able to shout out hoarsely, “Almighty God, save me!” Soon after, like a leaf in the current, I felt myself float up against a large tree. Immediately I reached my arms out, hugged the tree, and was able to stand up. At this time I felt especially excited. I couldn’t help but pray to God: “God! It was You who saved me. Not turning Your back on my filth and corruption, You plucked this life of mine from the verge of death and brought me back. I wish to give You my thanks and praise.” Continue reading “God’s Disposition Is Righteousness and, Even More, Love | Testimony of a Christian”


Religious freedom| Massimo Introvigne | Part 1 : How Chinese Regime Persecutes Christians—Lies and Violence

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As is well known, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized power through lies and violence, and it relies on lies and violence to maintain its power. The CCP’s rule is nothing but lies, violence, and murder. The CCP propagates atheism, regarding religion as the spiritual opium of the people. Christians preach the gospel and witness for God to carry out God’s will, but the CCP condemns such righteous deeds as abandoning and breaking up their families, and arrests and imprisons Christians on various false charges. In mainland China, Christians from various house churches, particularly from CAG, suffer brutal oppression and persecution for the sake of their religious belief, some of whom were left disabled or died. Many Christians have gone into exile and were rendered homeless with their families scattered. Countless Christian families have been thus broken! In this episode, we have invited Professor Massimo Introvigne, an Italian scholar of new religious movements, founder and managing director of Center for Studies on New Religions, to talk about why the CCP oppresses and persecutes The Church of Almighty God, whether the CCP’s accusations against The Church of Almighty God are true, and who is the main culprit behind the breakdown of Christian families, and so on. The truth will be uncovered, and the CCP’s cruel and evil essence against God that wins fame through deceiving the public and fights against justice will be exposed. Please stay tuned!

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The Testimony of a Christian | Without God’s Salvation, I Would Not Be Here Today

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Zhang Jin, Beijing

August 16, 2012

  I am an elder sister with two faulty legs. Even when the weather is nice out, I have some trouble walking, but when the floodwaters were about to swallow me up, God allowed me to miraculously escape danger.

  It was July 21, 2012. That day a torrential rain fell, and I just happened to be out fulfilling my duty. After 4:00 p.m., the rain still hadn’t stopped. When our meeting was finished, I braved the rain and took a bus home. During the ride, it rained harder and harder, and when the bus got to the stop just before mine, the driver told all of us passengers, “This bus can’t go any further; the road has collapsed up ahead.” There was nothing that could be done, so I had no choice but to get off the bus and walk the rest of the way. Not daring to leave God, I was continuously praying in my heart. Due to the force of the deluge, the water had completely swallowed up the road. I tried to proceed by holding onto the cement pillars lining the road, making my way forward one step at a time. Just then, I heard someone shouting behind me, “Stop moving forward! Quick; turn around and come back! You can’t get through; that water is deep and the current is too fast. If it washes you away, I won’t be able to save you!” By then, however, I could neither go forward nor retreat, because the water was already up to my chest. I did not dare to go any further, so all I could do was pray to God and implore Him to open up a way out for me: “God! You have permitted this environment to befall me, and whether I live or die is in Your hands now. If the water level were to fall just half a foot, I could continue walking forward. God, do as You will; I am willing to entrust my life to You!” After making this prayer, I felt very calm and composed. I recalled one of God’s utterances: “The heavens and earth and all things are established and made complete by the words of My mouth and with Me anything can be accomplished” (Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning). God’s words gave me faith and courage. Since the heavens and earth and all things are in God’s hands, I knew that no matter how ruthless that deluge was, it could not escape God’s orchestration. No one could be relied on anymore; my son, my daughter … no one could take care of each other. I believed that as long as I relied on God, there was no difficulty I could not surpass. Right at that moment, a miracle happened. The current got slower and slower until it was no longer as fierce as it had been a moment earlier, and the cement columns lining the road were gradually revealed. Sure enough, the water level receded half a foot from chest level on me. And just like that, I walked out of there, step by step, under God’s guidance. Had it not been for God’s benevolence and protection, I do not know where the flood would have taken me. From the depths of my heart, I expressed my gratitude and praise, thanking Almighty God for giving me a second chance at life. Continue reading “The Testimony of a Christian | Without God’s Salvation, I Would Not Be Here Today”

Best Christian Music Video | So Happy to Live in the Love of God | “Christ’s Kingdom Is a Warm Home”

Christ’s kingdom is my warm home, it belongs to all of God’s people.
Christ walks and speaks in the church and lives together with God’s people.
The judgment and chastisement of God’s words is here, as is work of the Holy Spirit.
God’s words water, supply and guide us, and our lives grow.
This is the kingdom ruled by Christ, it is a fair and just world.

Christ’s kingdom is my warm home, it is so dear to God’s people.
God’s words reign in the church, we act on the truth and exalt Christ in our hearts.
There is no more infighting or intrigue, there’s no need for defense or fear.
Christ is the resting place for man’s soul, I need not wander anymore.
This is God’s kingdom people long for, it is mankind’s peaceful home. Continue reading “Best Christian Music Video | So Happy to Live in the Love of God | “Christ’s Kingdom Is a Warm Home””

Due to Performing My Duty, I Was Granted God’s Enormous Salvation | Testimony of a Christian

Hong Wei, Beijing

August 15, 2012

  On July 21, 2012, a very heavy rain began to fall. That day I just happened to have a duty to perform, so after our meeting was finished and I saw that the rain had lightened up a bit, I rushed home on my bike. Only when I got onto the highway did I discover that water was rushing down from the mountain like a waterfall, and the road was so covered in splashing rainwater that the surface couldn’t be seen very clearly anymore. This sight made me feel somewhat frightened, so in my heart I called out persistently, “God! I implore You to add to my faith and courage. Right now is a time that You want me to stand testimony. If You allow me to be swept away by the water, then this has Your good intentions in it, too. I am willing to submit to Your orchestration and arrangements.” After I prayed like this, I became calmer; I no longer felt that afraid, and faced the storm head-on continuously the whole way home. Who could have known that an even greater danger lay waiting for me? On the road to my home was a very steep slope. Due to the newly laid asphalt and the rainwater running over the slope, as I went downhill the bike’s front two breaks wouldn’t work. At the bottom of this hill was an auxiliary road to National Route 108, and on the other side of it was a stand of trees. Beyond that was the main current of the river; if I was unable to reduce my speed, then I would have no choice but to crash into those trees, and it was even possible that I would fall into the river. The consequences of that…. I thought to myself, Now I’m done for! Just as I was thinking this, some force from somewhere suddenly knocked me from my bike. The bike’s inertia swept me along with it, and did not stop moving until I got to the intersection at the bottom of the hill. Just then two cars happened to drive past, side by side, right in front of me. It was so close! Luckily, right in the middle of this crisis, God had saved me. Continue reading “Due to Performing My Duty, I Was Granted God’s Enormous Salvation | Testimony of a Christian”

“Knocking at the Door” (4) – The Lord Is Knocking at the Door: Can You Recognize His Voice? (1)

The Lord Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice” (Jhn 10:27). Clearly, the Lord is speaking to search for His sheep upon His return. The most crucial thing for Christians to do as they await the coming of the Lord is to seek to hear the voice of the Lord. How is one able to recognize the voice of the Lord, though? What is the difference between the voice of God and the voice of humans?

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