Eastern Lightning|Blessings Due to Sickness —Essay on God’s Love

Eastern LightningBlessings Due to Sickness —Essay on God’s Love

Dujuan    Japan

  I was born into a poor family in a rural village. Since I was a child, I lived a tough life and was looked down upon by others. I sometimes did not even know if I would have my next meal, let alone snacks and toys. Since my family was poor, when I was little, I would wear what my older sister used to wear. Her clothes were usually too big for me. As a result, when I went to school, the other kids would laugh at me and they would not play with me. My childhood was very bitter. From that point on, I would secretly tell myself: Once I grow up, I will be somebody and make lots of money. I won’t let others look down on me again. Since my family had no money, I was forced to drop out before junior high school. I went to the county town to work in a medicine factory. In order to earn more money, I would frequently work until 9 or 10 PM. However, the money I earned was not enough to reach my goals. Afterward, when I heard that my sister was able to earn in five days what I earned in a month selling vegetables, I quit my job at the medicine factory and went to sell vegetables. After a period of time, I found that I could make even more money selling fruits, so I decided to start a business selling fruits. After I married my husband, we started a restaurant business. I thought that now that I had a restaurant, I would be able to earn even more money. Once I could earn a considerable amount of income, naturally, I would win other’s admiration and regard. Other people would start looking up to me and at the same time, I would be able to live a better life. However, after operating the business for a period of time, I discovered that I was actually not making a lot of money. I started getting anxious. When would I be able to lead a life that others would admire? Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|Blessings Due to Sickness —Essay on God’s Love”


Eastern Lightning | After Listening with My Heart, I Have Welcomed the Lord’s Return

Eastern Lightning | After Listening with My Heart, I Have Welcomed the Lord’s Return

Max    United States

  In 1994, I was born in the United States. My parents are both Chinese. My mother was the classic example of a successful career woman. She is able to think for herself and is very competent. I love my mother very much. When I was in Grade 2, my parents brought me back to China to study so that I would be able to learn Chinese. It was also at that time that I started to get acquainted with the Lord Jesus. I remember one day in 2004, after I got home from school, there was a guest at our house. My mother introduced her and told me that she was a pastor from the United States. I was very happy because that was when I found out that my mother had believed in the Lord Jesus for some time. Before, she did not believe. Every Chinese New Year, she would burn incense and worship Buddha. However, after my mother started to believe in the Lord Jesus, I no longer had to smell the whiff of burnt Joss paper and incense. That day, the American pastor told me a story about the Lord Jesus. Soon after, I was brought to the bathroom and before I could react, “plop,” the pastor had dunked my head into the bathtub and after a moment, pulled my head out. All I heard was my mother and the pastor telling me, “Welcome to the embrace of the Lord Jesus. We are all lost sheep.” In this way, I started a new life journey before I knew it. However, because the Lord was with me, my heart was very happy. Afterward, each Sunday, I would go to church to worship and listen to the pastor talk about Bible stories and read from the scriptures. I was very happy all along. My heart was steadfast and I felt that believing in the Lord Jesus was truly a good thing. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | After Listening with My Heart, I Have Welcomed the Lord’s Return”

Eastern Lightning | Only by Entering Into the Truth Myself May I Truly Help Others

Eastern Lightning | Only by Entering Into the Truth Myself May I Truly Help Others

  Du Fan    Jiangsu Province

  Recently, a church was holding a vote to select a new leader, but the presiding leader went against the principles of the church, using her own way to carry out the vote. When some other brothers and sisters voiced their opinions, not only did she not acknowledge them, but insisted on upholding her own way. The church was subsequently thrown into confusion by the leader’s actions. When I found out, I totally lost my temper: How could someone be so arrogant and self-righteous? Carrying out the duties of a church leader without God in one’s heart, looking down upon the work arrangements, refuting and rejecting brother’s and sister’s suggestions—who else is there to blame for the church’s confusion but you! I immediately sent someone to commune with the church leader and, in the meantime, read through God’s word looking for related truths that I could raise with the leader to convince her of the error of her ways. Later that night, I went and met the leader. During communion, I spoke to her with an accusatory tone, unable to suppress my own anger. To my surprise, ten minutes into our meeting, the leader suddenly got up and rushed out with tears in her eyes. A brother who had gone chasing off after her came back a bit later and said, “She’s gone and she knows she’s done wrong.” I was unrelenting, angrily exclaiming: “With regard to such an important matter of principle, you’re prepared to just leave things unresolved? How arrogant and self-righteous you are! You go against the principles of the church and don’t let anyone else have a say. How are you supposed to get anything done in the future? What a dangerous prospect! This just won’t do, if you’re going to storm out unannounced, I’ll just have to write you a letter.” Right then and there, I sat down and wrote her a letter in which I symbolically acknowledged that my attitude in communion hadn’t been ideal and asked for her forgiveness. In the letter, I also addressed her issues, citing principles to elucidate the problem. I thought that I had handled things quite well. On the one hand, I demonstrated that I was able to let go of my own ego and gain a deeper understanding of myself, while at the same time using truth to resolve issues. Seeing how I handled things, this leader would definitely be convinced and gain new understanding, I thought. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Only by Entering Into the Truth Myself May I Truly Help Others”

Eastern Lightning | Finally I Live Out a Little Like a Human

Eastern Lightning | Finally I Live Out a Little Like a Human

Xiangwang    Sichuan Province

  I feel deeply chastised in my heart every time I see that God’s words say: “Cruel, brutal mankind! The conniving and intrigue, the jostling with each other, the scramble for reputation and fortune, the mutual slaughter—when will it ever end? God has spoken hundreds of thousands of words, yet no one has come to their senses. They act for the sake of their families, and sons and daughters, for their careers, prospects, status, vanity, and money, for the sake of clothes, for food and the flesh—whose actions are truly for the sake of God? Even among those whose actions are for the sake of God, there are but few who know God. How many do not act for the sake of their own interests? How many do not oppress and discriminate against others for the sake of maintaining their own status? Thus, God has been forcibly condemned to death innumerable times, countless barbaric judges have condemned God and once more nailed Him to the cross” (“The Wicked Must Be Punished” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). I think back to how I did not seek truth, how in fulfilling my duty I repeatedly competed with my working partners, how for the sake of my reputation and benefit I would suppress or reject the other—how I caused losses both for my own life, and for the work of God’s family. Although God arranged many circumstances to save me, I was numb and completely failed to grasp God’s intent. But God continued to pity me, to save me, and only after repeated chastisement and judgment did I awaken and understand God’s wish to save us, putting aside my pursuit of reputation and status and starting to act a little like a human. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Finally I Live Out a Little Like a Human”

Eastern Lightning|The Love of God’s Salvation for Mankind

Eastern Lightning|The Love of God’s Salvation for Mankind

Danyi    Sichuan Province

  There is a feeling of guilt that wells up in my heart every time I see these words of God: “The biggest problem with man is that he thinks of nothing but his fate and prospects, that he idolizes them. Man pursues God for the sake of his fate and prospects; he does not worship God because of his love for Him. And so, in the conquest of man, man’s selfishness, greed and the things that most obstruct his worship of God must all be eliminated. In doing so, the effects of man’s conquest will be achieved. As a result, in the earliest conquest of man it is necessary to first purge the wild ambitions and most grievous weaknesses of man, and, through this, to reveal man’s love of God, and change his knowledge of human life, his view of God, and the meaning of his existence. In this way, man’s love of God is cleansed, which is to say, man’s heart is conquered” (“Restoring the Normal Life of Man and Taking Him to a Wonderful Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). It has only been through time and time again of God’s judgment and chastisement that I have finally come to my senses and recognized that what God requires is mankind’s single-minded, pure love, and that it is right and proper for all creations to seek to love God and fulfill their duty. I also recognized that when people are no longer constrained by their future destiny and are able to live for God, the work of conquest on them will bear fruit. However, when I was working as a leader, I wasn’t putting my effort into pursuing the truth; I was always ruled by thoughts of my future destiny. Because of this, I would often undergo refinement to the point that I became negative, and this was not only a loss within my own life, but it also damaged my work in the house of God. However, God didn’t deal with me based on my transgressions. He gave me many opportunities to repent. There was the judgment and chastisement as well as the bitter refinements from God’s words, the sustenance, comfort, support, and shepherding from His words, the Holy Spirit leading me, enlightening me, and illuminating the path for me time and time again—only through these things was I able to step by step break free from Satan’s snare, not lose my way, and embark on the proper path in life. When I reflect on God’s salvation of me, the past is very vivid. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|The Love of God’s Salvation for Mankind”

Eastern Lightning| Why Have I Walked the Path of the Pharisees?

Eastern Lightning| Why Have I Walked the Path of the Pharisees?

Suxing    Shanxi Province

  I am an arrogant and conceited person, and position has been my Achilles heel. For many years, I have been bound by reputation and position and have not been able to free myself from it. Time and time again I have been promoted and replaced; I have had a lot of setbacks in my position and have had many bumps along the way. After many years of being dealt with and refined, I felt that I was not taking my position seriously. I didn’t want to be like I was in the past thinking that as long as I was a leader I could be perfected by God and that if I was not a leader, then I had no hope. I understood that regardless of what duty I was fulfilling, I only needed to seek truth and I would be perfected by God; pursuing reputation and position is the way of the antichrist. Now I feel that regardless of what duty I am fulfilling, I can accept not having a position. It is the law of heaven and earth that the creation fulfills its role. No matter where you are placed, you should accept the arrangements of God. When corruption of fame and position is exposed, it can be resolved by seeking truth. No matter what I encounter while fulfilling my duty, as long as I understand the truth I will be willing to pay the price. In view of this, I thought that I had already walked the path of seeking truth. I thought I had regained humanity and reason. God searches the heart and examines the mind. He knew I was impure in my search for truth, and that I wasn’t truly walking in the path of seeking truth. God knew what method to use to cleanse and save me. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning| Why Have I Walked the Path of the Pharisees?”