Best Christian Music | Praise and Worship Song | “God’s Deeds Fill the Vast Expanse of the Universe”

1. God looks down upon all things from on high, and dominates all things from on high. At the same time, God has sent His salvation over the earth. God is watching from His secret place all the time, man’s every move, everything they say and do. God knows man like the palm of His hand. The secret place is God’s abode, the firmament is the bed He lies on. Satan’s force cannot reach unto God, for He is full of majesty, righteousness, and judgment.

2. God has trodden all things with His feet, He stretches out His gaze over the universe. And God has walked among men, has tasted the sweetness and bitterness, all flavors of the human world; but men, they never truly recognized God, nor did they notice God as He walked abroad. Because God was silent, and performed no supernatural deeds, thus, no one ever truly saw Him. Things are not now as they once were: God is going to do things that, throughout the ages, the world has never seen, God is going to speak words that, throughout the ages, men have never heard, because He asks that all humanity come to know God in the flesh.

from “The Fifth Utterance” and “The Sixth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Hymns of God’s word: Hear the voice from the Creator, know Almighty God’s will from the singing.


The Testimony of a Christian|The Fire That Shocked the Nation in Ji County, Tianjin City

Chen Yao, Tianjin

  The Laide building was one of Ji County’s biggest shopping centers. June 30, 2012 was a Saturday, and Laide was holding a promotion, so there were huge numbers of customers. Some time after 3:00 that afternoon, the building suddenly caught fire. The boss, afraid that in the chaos customers would take things or not pay, closed and shuttered the main entrance on level one, and drove customers to the second and third floors. What hadn’t been anticipated was that the fire grew fiercer and fiercer, eventually becoming completely uncontrollable. The electricity across the whole building went out. From the first floor to the fourth, the lifts were out of order, and the closed entrance on the first floor couldn’t be opened. Black smoke rolled through the whole building, sparks flew up into the air. Huge flames leapt from every window, the smoke covered the county, the air was choking for people several hundred meters away. At the time many of the people trapped above the third floor chose to flee by jumping from the building, and some died where they fell, a horrible sight. Continue reading “The Testimony of a Christian|The Fire That Shocked the Nation in Ji County, Tianjin City”

Christian song| God Loves Us to Today

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You become flesh on earth.
Who knows how long
You’ve been hidden.
You blaze a trail to do Your work,
fully tasting hardships and pain.
Today You part from us.
We cannot help
but feel sorrow and pain.
Our time together is short.
Who knows when we will meet again?
You’ve been with us in every season,
guiding us towards today,
never taking so much as a step away.
Oh …
If not for Your mercy,
who knows where I would be?
Thank You, God, for my salvation.
That I’ll recall forever! Continue reading “Christian song| God Loves Us to Today”

God’s Disposition Is Righteousness and, Even More, Love | Testimony of a Christian

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Fang Xin, Beijing

August 15, 2012

  Ever since 2007, when I accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days, although I have appeared on the surface to be very busy fulfilling my duties, I have not given my heart to God, and have often felt bound to the point of suffocation by trifling family issues. Every time I think about the fact that my daughter is already thirty years old, yet still hasn’t found a suitable partner, I complain to God; my son only cares about having a good time, and despite not earning any money, he spends profligately, so I complain; and my own old spouse goes to work, but his foreman doesn’t pay him—and I complain about this as well…. I complain left and right, and often misunderstand God. It seems as though God has been overly unfair to me. As a result, I have been living in darkness and suffering. However, I have not known that I should seek God, and have been profoundly ignorant of how dangerous my state is. I have merely struggled helplessly amidst my suffering. Nevertheless, God knows my state inside out. He uses unique methods to call out to me and save me, causing me to awaken from dream and escape Satan’s harm and affliction.

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  On August 1, 2012, it rained especially hard. The water level in the river rose rapidly, and had already gotten over the bridge. It was surging forward wave after wave, and the situation was extremely dire. As I was about to drive my electric scooter across the submerged bridge, my front tire had just reached it and I was thinking about mashing down the power to charge forward when, to my surprise, it turned out the water was too deep and the waves too high. Before I could react, my vehicle—with me on it—was swept away by the current. I was just about to shout, “Almighty God!” Before the words could escape my lips, however, water poured into my mouth, and I was gargling gulp after gulp of water. At the time I understood in my heart, and knew clearly in my mind, that this was my final destination. I was going to die here. The water continued to pour into my mouth, and I struggled to call out to God but was unable to. Suddenly, I had an opportunity. I looked up, my face breaking the surface, and in that moment I was finally able to shout out hoarsely, “Almighty God, save me!” Soon after, like a leaf in the current, I felt myself float up against a large tree. Immediately I reached my arms out, hugged the tree, and was able to stand up. At this time I felt especially excited. I couldn’t help but pray to God: “God! It was You who saved me. Not turning Your back on my filth and corruption, You plucked this life of mine from the verge of death and brought me back. I wish to give You my thanks and praise.” Continue reading “God’s Disposition Is Righteousness and, Even More, Love | Testimony of a Christian”

The Testimony of a Christian|Almighty God Has Given Me a Second Chance at Life

Two ordinary brothers and sisters, Beijing

August 15, 2012

  July 21, 2012 was a most unforgettable day for me, as well as the most important day of my life.

  That day, a heavy rain was falling in Fangshan District in Beijing—the heaviest we had seen there in sixty-one years. A little after 4:00 p.m., I walked out onto the street to have a look and saw that water was everywhere. Our family car was already afloat, and the only reason it had not been carried away by the current yet was that something in front of it was blocking it from moving. The sight made me quite anxious, so I quickly called my husband, who is also a believer, but could not get through no matter how many times I tried. Then, rather than seek God’s will, I instead hurried home to call out for him. Continue reading “The Testimony of a Christian|Almighty God Has Given Me a Second Chance at Life”

God’s untterance | God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II


  During our last meeting we shared a very important topic. Do you remember what it was? Let Me repeat it. The topic of our last fellowship was: God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself. Is this an important topic to you? Which part of it is most important to you? God’s work, God’s disposition, or God Himself? Which one interests you most? Which part do you want to hear about most? I know it’s difficult for you to answer that question, because God’s disposition can be seen in every aspect of His work, and His disposition is revealed in His work always and in all places, and, in effect, represents God Himself; in God’s overall management plan, God’s work, God’s disposition, and God Himself are all inseparable from each other.

  The content of our last fellowship about God’s work was accounts in the Bible that occurred long ago. They were all stories about man and God, and they happened to man and simultaneously involved the participation and expression of God, so these stories hold particular value and significance to knowing God. Just after He created mankind, God began to engage with man and talk to man, and His disposition began to be expressed to man. In other words, from when God first engaged with mankind He began to make public to man, without cease, His substance and what He has and is. Regardless of whether earlier people or the people of today are able to see or understand it, in short God speaks to man and works among man, revealing His disposition and expressing His substance—which is a fact, and undeniable by any person. This also means that God’s disposition, God’s substance, and what He has and is are constantly issued forth and revealed as He works and engages with man. He has never concealed or hidden anything from man, but instead makes public and releases His own disposition without holding anything back. Thus, God hopes that man can know Him and understand His disposition and substance. He does not wish for man to treat His disposition and substance as eternal mysteries, nor does He want mankind to regard God as a puzzle that can never be solved. Only when mankind knows God can man know the way forward and be able to accept God’s guidance, and only a mankind such as this can truly live under the dominion of God, and live in the light, and live amid God’s blessings. Continue reading “God’s untterance | God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II”