God’s utterance | The Creator’s Sincere Feelings Toward Mankind (Selection)


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  People often say that it is not an easy thing to know God. I, however, say that knowing God is not a difficult matter at all, for God frequently allows man to witness His deeds. God has never ceased His dialogue with mankind; He has never concealed Himself from man, nor has He hidden Himself. His thoughts, His ideas, His words and His deeds are all revealed to mankind. Therefore, so long as man wishes to know God, he can come to understand and know Him through all sorts of means and methods. The reason why man blindly thinks that God has intentionally avoided him, that God has intentionally hidden Himself from humanity, that God has no intention of allowing man to understand and know Him, is that he does not know who God is, nor does he wish to understand God; even more so, he is not concerned with the Creator’s thoughts, words or deeds…. Truthfully speaking, if one only uses their idle time to focus upon and understand the Creator’s words or deeds, and pay a little attention to the Creator’s thoughts and the voice of His heart, it will not be difficult for them to realize that the Creator’s thoughts, words and deeds are visible and transparent. Likewise, it will take little effort to realize that the Creator is among man at all times, that He is always in conversation with man and the entirety of creation, and that He is performing new deeds every day. His substance and disposition are expressed in His dialogue with man; His thoughts and ideas are revealed completely in His deeds; He accompanies and observes mankind at all times. He speaks quietly to mankind and all of creation with His silent words: I am above the universe, and I am amongst My creation. I am keeping watch; I am waiting; I am at your side…. His hands are warm and strong; His footsteps are light; His voice is soft and graceful; His form passes and turns, embracing all of mankind; His countenance is beautiful and gentle. He has never left, nor has He vanished. From dawn to dusk, He is mankind’s constant companion. His devoted care and special affection for humanity, as well as His true concern and love for man, were displayed bit by bit when He saved the city of Nineveh. In particular, the exchange between Jehovah God and Jonah laid barer the Creator’s pity for the mankind He Himself created. Through these words, you can obtain a deep understanding of God’s sincere feelings for humanity….

from “God Himself, the Unique III” inContin uation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Christian Variety Show “A Love No Net Can Catch” | Hold Onto Love for God in Persecution (Crosstalk)

The crosstalk A Love No Net Can Catch shares the experience of a Christian who is subjected to all sorts of monitoring and pursuit by the CCP government; she cannot return home, instead constantly on the run. The CCP has spent vast amounts of money to build its “Skynet Project” to suppress Christians and crack down on dissidents, establishing the world’s largest video surveillance network to control China so tightly that even a needle, a drop of water cannot get through. Under the government’s high-intensity surveillance Christians’ freedoms are restricted at every turn and they face the constant danger of being arrested and imprisoned. But under God’s guidance, Christians from The Church of Almighty God have not lost their faith in God and have become firmer in their faith through hardships. The CCP government may be able to catch their bodies in their net, but they will never get their hearts that aspire to the light and seek to love God.

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praise song | I Can’t Say All That Is in My Heart

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Today I have met You,
my hopes have all come true.
I have enjoyed all the riches
in Your warm, loving embrace.
Your heart is truly beautiful,
Your love captivates me.
What You have and what You are,
they are so precious to me.
I can’t describe, there are no words:
How lovely is Almighty God!
You live here amongst mankind
and set examples in every way.
Your love is my companion.
Your words ever supply me.
You refine and cleanse me.
In suffering judgment,
I taste the sweetness within.
In Your true love for me,
I cannot say all in my heart.
Purified, I am Yours,
and I’ll love You forever!
Having weathered storms,
I am more attached to You.
Through suffering and refinement,
my heart’s been awakened.
Through the course of hardships,
I have learned to submit.
No longer passive or rebellious,
I now know Your will.
Although Your words are severe,
You have the most benevolent heart.
You work for man’s destination,
You are waiting for them to return.
Your love is my companion.
Your words ever supply me.
You refine and cleanse me.
In suffering judgment,
I taste the sweetness within.
In Your true love for me,
I cannot say all in my heart.
Purified, I am Yours,
and I’ll love You forever!

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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Hymn A Song of Love for God

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the Lamb, New Songs, God, love, Lord JesusI
(Come back, come back,
come back, come back.)
You are my love.
You’re my heart’s song.
Without You, in darkness I fall,
devoid of light.
I long for You, I long for You,
come back, my God!
Oh! In this dark and evil world,
without You, I’ve nothing for strength.
I’m satisfied when in Your love.
You’re the song humming in my heart.
Your love has conquered my heart,
I could never leave You.
If You were displeased with me,
I’d still love You secretly.
You’re the song in my heart.
Without You I feel dark.
I long for You to come back.
Come back, come back, my God,
please come back!
Come back, come back, my God,
please come back! Continue reading “Hymn A Song of Love for God”

Christian Music | “God Puts His Hope Completely on Man”

Walk in the Love of God | Christian Music | “God Puts His Hope Completely on Man”

From the beginning until today,
it’s only mankind who’s had a way
to talk with God, converse with God.
Among all creatures, all living things,
it’s only mankind who words can bring
and talk with God, converse with God.
Since His management,
God has been waiting for just one offering—
the heart of man, that He may cleanse and equip it,
and make man satisfying and loved by God,
man satisfying and loved by God. Continue reading “Christian Music | “God Puts His Hope Completely on Man””

The Testimony of a Christian | A Youth Spent Without Regret

Xiaowen, Chongqing

  “Love is a pure emotion, pure without a blemish. Use your heart, use your heart to love and feel and care. Love doesn’t set conditions or barriers or distance. Use your heart, use your heart to love and feel and care. If you love you don’t deceive, grumble, turn your back, look to get something in return” (“Pure Love Without Blemish” in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs). This hymn of God’s word once helped me get through the pain of a long and drawn-out life in prison that lasted 7 years and 4 months. Even though the CCP government deprived me of the most beautiful years of my youth, I have obtained the most precious and real truth from Almighty God and therefore have no complaints or regrets.

  In 1996 I received God’s exaltation and accepted Almighty God’s salvation in the last days. Through reading God’s words and gathering in fellowship, I determined that all God has said is truth, which is in complete contrast to all the knowledge and theories of this evil world. Almighty God’s word is the highest maxim for life. What made me more excited was that I could be simple and open and freely talk about anything with the brothers and sisters. I didn’t have the slightest need to protect myself against second guessing or being outwitted by people when interacting with them. I felt a comfort and happiness I had never felt before; I really liked this family. However, it wasn’t long before I heard that the country didn’t permit people to believe in Almighty God. This matter made me feel at a complete loss, because His word allowed people to worship God and walk the correct path of life; it allowed people to be honest. If everyone believed in Almighty God, then the whole world would be at peace. I really didn’t understand: Believing in God was the most righteous undertaking; why did the CCP government want to persecute and oppose believing in Almighty God to the point that they would arrest His believers? I thought: No matter how the CCP government persecutes us or how big social public opinion is, I have determined that this is the correct path of life and I will certainly walk on it to the end!

  After this, I began fulfilling my duty in the church of distributing books of God’s word. I knew that fulfilling this duty in this country which resisted God was very dangerous and I could be arrested at any time. But I also knew that as part of the whole creation, it was my mission in life to spend everything for God and fulfill my duty; it was a responsibility that I could not shirk. Just as I was beginning to confidently cooperate with God, one day in September of 2003, I was on my way to give some brothers and sisters books of God’s word and was arrested by people from the city’s National Security Bureau. Continue reading “The Testimony of a Christian | A Youth Spent Without Regret”