Eastern Lightning | Understanding God’s Will in the Midst of Difficulties

           Xiao Rui    Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province

  When I was preaching the gospel I encountered sectarian leaders who bore false witness to resist and disrupt, and called the police. This led to those I was preaching to not daring to come into contact with us, and those who had just accepted the gospel being unable to be confident in God’s work. When I worked very hard but the results were poor, I thought: Evangelical work is so difficult to carry out. It would be so wonderful if God just showed some miracles and punished those who bear false witness as well as those who seriously resist God to show to those who have been deceived. Then wouldn’t the work of the gospel be carried out more quickly? It wouldn’t be so difficult for us to preach the gospel…. This is why this hope came up in my heart every time I encountered these types of difficulties. Later, I saw written accounts bearing witness to examples of punishment and during fellowship heard witness of some of God’s signs and wonders, and I felt very glad in my heart. I hoped even more that God would do some things in the areas that I worked in so that the predicament of our gospel work could be resolved more quickly. But no matter how I hoped, I still didn’t see God perform any miracles here or punish people. The sectarians were still fully resisting God, and difficulties in evangelical work were still great. I became negative about this: Why doesn’t God open up a way out for us? Could it be that our faith is inadequate? Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Understanding God’s Will in the Midst of Difficulties”

Eastern Lightning| The Hymn of God’s Word “God Does New Work in Every Age” | The Church of Almighty God

God Does New Work in Every Age

God’s wisdom never changes,
God’s wonder never changes,
God’s righteousness never changes,
God’s majesty never changes.
God’s substance never changes,
and what He has and what He is shall never change. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning| The Hymn of God’s Word “God Does New Work in Every Age” | The Church of Almighty God”

The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “Having the Truth, One Will Have Strength”

She once had a little warm family, but her husband’s betrayal overwhelmed her with misery and took away her courage to live. … Just as she headed for an impasse, Almighty God stretched out His hand of salvation to her. From the word expressed by Almighty God, she knew the root of man’s suffering, understood the value and meaning of man’s living, and had a true goal of life. For more people who lived in confusion and misery to find the true human life, she started performing duty actively to repay God’s love. Continue reading “The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “Having the Truth, One Will Have Strength””