Religious freedom| Massimo Introvigne | Part 1 : How Chinese Regime Persecutes Christians—Lies and Violence

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As is well known, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized power through lies and violence, and it relies on lies and violence to maintain its power. The CCP’s rule is nothing but lies, violence, and murder. The CCP propagates atheism, regarding religion as the spiritual opium of the people. Christians preach the gospel and witness for God to carry out God’s will, but the CCP condemns such righteous deeds as abandoning and breaking up their families, and arrests and imprisons Christians on various false charges. In mainland China, Christians from various house churches, particularly from CAG, suffer brutal oppression and persecution for the sake of their religious belief, some of whom were left disabled or died. Many Christians have gone into exile and were rendered homeless with their families scattered. Countless Christian families have been thus broken! In this episode, we have invited Professor Massimo Introvigne, an Italian scholar of new religious movements, founder and managing director of Center for Studies on New Religions, to talk about why the CCP oppresses and persecutes The Church of Almighty God, whether the CCP’s accusations against The Church of Almighty God are true, and who is the main culprit behind the breakdown of Christian families, and so on. The truth will be uncovered, and the CCP’s cruel and evil essence against God that wins fame through deceiving the public and fights against justice will be exposed. Please stay tuned!

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Amidst Disaster, I Saw God’s Hand| The Testimony of a Christian

Ying Xin, Beijing

August 15, 2012

  On July 22, 2012, the day after Beijing’s flood of July 21, I hurried over to visit a sister who had just accepted God’s work of the last days two months previously. No sooner had I entered her village when the scene I saw before me stunned me speechless! I saw that the roads had collapsed, revealing their foundations beneath the asphalt. Everywhere were stone fragments that had tumbled down from the mountain, the larger of them weighing a few tons. Mud had piled up to thirty centimeters deep, and the rainwater running off the mountain slopes had already formed into a small river…. The entire village was in a total mess, completely beyond recognition.

  I passed through the village, and halfway up the mountain I saw Sister Li (the new sister). She described to me how the disaster had unfolded.

  On the evening of the 21st, this sister’s husband was cooking in a little shed next to their stone house. The two of them were talking and laughing together, never imagining how terrible this rainstorm could become. When the sister discovered that water was pouring into the knee-high galoshes she was wearing, she suddenly had a very bad feeling. She shouted, “We’re in trouble! Quick, let’s run up onto the mountain!” As soon as she said this, they saw a flood of water rolling down the hill, inundating the ground a meter deep. In that moment, the sister was scared silly; in her urgency, she pulled her husband and began to climb up the slope with the help of some locust trees behind the house. Only about a minute after they had reached high ground, the torrent rushing down the mountain unleashed a landslide of rocks and boulders and debris. The electric scooter, bicycles, and the little shed in the courtyard, and even a corner of the stone house, were abruptly swept away by the fierce current. Continue reading “Amidst Disaster, I Saw God’s Hand| The Testimony of a Christian”

God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III

God’s disposition, God’s love, know God, God’s wisdom, God’s will

  These several fellowships have had a great impact on every single person. As of now, people can finally really feel the true existence of God and that God is actually very close to them. Although people have believed in God for many years, they have never truly understood His thoughts and ideas as they do now, neither have they truly experienced His practical deeds as they do now. Whether it’s knowledge or actual practice, most people have learned something new and achieved a higher understanding, and they have realized the error in their own past pursuits, realized the superficiality of their experience and that too much is not in line with God’s will, and realized that what man most lacks is knowledge of God’s disposition. This knowledge on the part of people is a type of emotional knowledge; to rise to the level of rational knowledge requires a gradual deepening and strengthening through their experiences. Before man truly understands God, subjectively it could be said that they do believe in the existence of God in their hearts, but they have no real understanding of specific questions such as what kind of God He actually is, what His will is, what His disposition is, and what His real attitude toward mankind is. This greatly compromises people’s faith in God—their faith simply cannot achieve purity or perfection. Even if you are face to face with God’s word, or feel that you have encountered God through your experiences, it still cannot be said that you completely understand Him. Because you don’t know God’s thoughts, or what He loves and what He hates, what makes Him angry and what brings Him joy, you do not have a true understanding of Him. Your faith is built on a foundation of vagueness and imagination, based on your subjective desires. It is still far from an authentic belief, and you are still far from being a true follower. Explanations of the examples from these Bible stories have allowed humans to know God’s heart, what He was thinking at every step in His work and why He did this work, what His original intention and His plan were when He did it, how He achieved His ideas, and how He prepared for and developed His plan. Through these stories, we can gain a detailed, specific understanding of God’s every specific intention and every real thought during His six thousand years of management work, and His attitude toward humans at different times and in different eras. Understanding what God was thinking, what His attitude was, and the disposition He revealed as He faced every situation, can help every person more deeply realize His true existence, and more deeply feel His realness and authenticity. My goal in telling these stories is not so that people can understand biblical history, nor is it to help them become familiar with the books of the Bible or the people in it, and it’s especially not to help people understand the background of what God did during the Age of Law. It is to help people understand God’s will, His disposition, and every little part of Him, and gain a more authentic and more accurate understanding and knowledge of God. This way, people’s hearts can, little by little, open up to God, become close to God, and they can better understand Him, His disposition, His essence, and better know the true God Himself. Continue reading “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III”

A Hymn of God’s Words How to Enter the Reality of God’s Words


word of God, Love God, God's words, Hymn, life

Those who give their all to God,
place themselves wholly
in front of Him,
they can obey His words
with all of their hearts,
put His words into practice.
If you act according to His will,
casting aside the flesh,
working to satisfy His will,
you will enter into the reality
of the word of God,
of the word of God!
They make God’s words
the cornerstone of their existence,
seeking the portions of practice
in God’s words.
This is someone who truly lives,
lives in the presence of God.
If you act according to His will,
casting aside the flesh,
working to satisfy His will,
you will enter into the reality
of the word of God! Continue reading “A Hymn of God’s Words How to Enter the Reality of God’s Words”

Christian Music | “God Puts His Hope Completely on Man”

Walk in the Love of God | Christian Music | “God Puts His Hope Completely on Man”

From the beginning until today,
it’s only mankind who’s had a way
to talk with God, converse with God.
Among all creatures, all living things,
it’s only mankind who words can bring
and talk with God, converse with God.
Since His management,
God has been waiting for just one offering—
the heart of man, that He may cleanse and equip it,
and make man satisfying and loved by God,
man satisfying and loved by God. Continue reading “Christian Music | “God Puts His Hope Completely on Man””

Gospel Testimonies|I Have Only Just Begun Walking the Right Path of Life

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Shi Han    Hebei Province

  I was born to a poor peasant family. I have been sensible since childhood, in that I never fought with other kids and obeyed my parents, which made me a typical “good girl” in the eyes of adults. Other parents were all very envious of my parents, saying that they were lucky to have such a good daughter. And just like this, I grew up every day listening to compliments from the people around me. When I was in the elementary school, my academic record was especially good, and I was always first place in exams. One time, I received full marks in an essay contest held by my town, winning honor for my school. The headmaster not only awarded me a prize and certificate, but also complimented me in front of the entire school and called upon the students to learn from me. I suddenly became the “celebrity” of the school, and my classmates even nicknamed me “ever-victorious general.” The compliments from my teachers, the envy of my classmates, and the doting of my parents gave me a sense of superiority in my heart, and I really enjoyed the feeling of being admired by everyone. Accordingly, I firmly believed that the greatest joy in life was the admiration of others, and that the feeling of happiness came from the praise of others. I secretly told myself: No matter how difficult and exhausting it is, I must become someone with fame and status, and never be looked down upon by others. From then on, dictums such as “A man leaves his name behind wherever he stays, just as a goose utters its cry wherever it flies” and “Men should always strive to be better than their contemporaries” became my life mottos. Continue reading “Gospel Testimonies|I Have Only Just Begun Walking the Right Path of Life”