Eastern Lightning|The Only Way to Avoid Disaster

Eastern Lightning|The Only Way to Avoid Disaster
Chaotuo    Xiaogan City, Hubei Province

  Ever since the Sichuan earthquake, I have always been fearful and worried that I might someday be struck by disaster. Particularly as I’ve seen disasters escalating, and earthquakes becoming more frequent, my fear of impending doom has become even more pronounced. As a result, I spend whole days pondering what precautions I should take to protect myself should an earthquake hit. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|The Only Way to Avoid Disaster”


Eastern Lightning | Judging by Appearances Is Just Absurd

Eastern Lightning | Judging by Appearances Is Just Absurd

Yifan    Shangqiu City, Henan Province

  In the past, I often judged people by their appearances, holding charming, erudite and eloquent people in especially high regard. I believed such people were sensible, good at understanding others and generally good and kind. Only recently, as the reality has revealed itself, have I come to correct this absurd way of thinking. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Judging by Appearances Is Just Absurd”

Eastern Lightning | The Real Face of a So-called Good Person

Eastern Lightning | The Real Face of a So-called Good Person

Kemu    Zhumadian City, Henan Province

  In my own mind, I’ve always thought of myself as having good humanity. I’ve thought this because, my neighbors often complimented me in front of my parents for being sensible and showing concern for our family; saying I was the apple of my parents’ eyes. After getting married, my in-laws praised me in front of neighbors for being kind and filial to them. In my unit, my leader praised me for being honest and competent. And since accepting this stage of God’s work, I’ve been obedient with whatever the church asks me to do. I never contradict the leader even if I get rebuked by the leader for not doing a good job, and I often help brothers and sisters who are in need. As such, I believe myself to be a reasonable, compassionate, and kindhearted person with humanity. I’ve never thought of myself in terms of the words in which God reveals that man lacks humanity or that man has weaker humanity. When communing God’s words with brothers and sisters, even though I know I need to be aware of my own nature, I still maintain my own view, thinking in my heart: Even if I am not a person of good humanity, I still have relatively good humanity compared with others. In other words, regardless of what God’s word says or what brothers and sisters say, I am not willing to disassociate myself from the idea of being a person of good humanity. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | The Real Face of a So-called Good Person”

Eastern Lightning|What Does True Change Mean?

Eastern Lightning | What Does True Change Mean?

Jinru    Nanyang City, Henan Province

  When a brother or sister pointed out my failings or did not heed my opinion I either felt unconvinced or argued with them. I regretted my actions later, but when faced with these things, I was unable to help myself from revealing my corrupt disposition. I was deeply troubled by this, and thought: Why is it that others’ words can shame me into anger? And why have I not changed a bit despite eight years of following God? I became worried and repeatedly sought God for an answer. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|What Does True Change Mean?”

Eastern Lightning | The Secrets Hidden Behind the Pursuit

Eastern Lightning | The Secrets Hidden Behind the Pursuit

Li Li    Dezhou City, Shandong Province

  Not long ago, I was uplifted by God and promoted to region worker. One day, when gathered with my co-workers, I couldn’t help but think to myself: I must do well. If I performed poorly, how would my leaders and co-workers see me? As a consequence, when we discussed a subject together, so long as I had just a little understanding of the subject, then I would try to be the first to say something, however when I had no understanding of the subject at hand and was unable to say anything, I found myself getting anxious. During those few days of meetings, I felt very tired and especially anxious, as though I was in some combat arena. Later, I brooded over what I revealed and I realized this type of situation was simply down to my own vanity and there was no real problem. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | The Secrets Hidden Behind the Pursuit”

Eastern Lightning | The Real Meaning of “Rebellion Against God”

Zhang Jun Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

  In the past, I believed that “rebellion against God” meant betraying God, leaving the church, or walking away from one’s duty. I thought these behaviors constituted rebellion. Therefore, whenever I heard of people engaging in such behaviors, I would remind myself that I should not rebel against God as they did. Furthermore, I was cautious in all my endeavors and abided by all the tasks assigned to me by the church. I neither retreated from my duty when I was dealt with and pruned nor withdrew from the church when I was tried, regardless of the hardship. Thus, I believed that I never rebelled against God. I felt that I had already acquired some stature and was confident that I would follow God until the end and ultimately achieve salvation. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | The Real Meaning of “Rebellion Against God””