Eastern Lightning|Gospel Movie clip “Break the Spell” (1) – How Can We Welcome the Lord’s Return?

Eastern LightningGospel Movie clip “Break the Spell” (1) – How Can We Welcome the Lord’s Return?

The four blood moons have already appeared. This means that the great disasters will soon befall us, just as prophesied in the book of Joel, “And also on the servants and on the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come” (Joel 2:29-31). Before the great disasters befall us, God’s spirit will nourish His servants and handmaids, and He will make complete a group of overcomers. If we can’t be raptured before the great disasters, we’ll probably perish among these disasters. Now, the Eastern Lightning testifies that the Lord Jesus has returned, expressed the truth, and made complete a group of overcomers. Doesn’t this fulfill the Biblical prophecies? Is the Eastern Lightning the manifestation of the Lord’s work? Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|Gospel Movie clip “Break the Spell” (1) – How Can We Welcome the Lord’s Return?”


Eastern Lightning|The Only Way to Avoid Disaster

Eastern Lightning|The Only Way to Avoid Disaster
Chaotuo    Xiaogan City, Hubei Province

  Ever since the Sichuan earthquake, I have always been fearful and worried that I might someday be struck by disaster. Particularly as I’ve seen disasters escalating, and earthquakes becoming more frequent, my fear of impending doom has become even more pronounced. As a result, I spend whole days pondering what precautions I should take to protect myself should an earthquake hit. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|The Only Way to Avoid Disaster”

Eastern Lightning | Being Reborn | “If I Were Not Saved by God” (Short Film/Music Video)

If I Were Not Saved by God

If I were not saved by God, I would still be drifting in the world,
struggling painfully in sin, living without any hope.
If I were not saved by God, I would still be trampled by the devils,
enjoying the pleasures of sin, not knowing where is the path of human life.
It is Almighty God who saves me; God’s words have purified me.
Through God’s judgment and chastisement, my corrupt disposition has changed.
All the truth that God expresses has given me a new life.
I have seen God face to face and tasted God’s true love.
Finally I have understood, it’s God’s loving hand that has led me
to hear the voice of God and be raised before God’s throne,
to attend Christ’s marriage feast and get God’s purification and perfection.
What was hoped for years is realized today; I have finally got God’s salvation. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Being Reborn | “If I Were Not Saved by God” (Short Film/Music Video)”

Eastern Lightning | Satan’s Books Can Poison Us

Eastern Lightning | Satan’s Books Can Poison Us

Peihe    Xianning City, Hubei Province

  I always believed that my husband and I passed our lives “with our faces to the soil and our backs to the sun” because we didn’t study enough when we were young, and because we had no knowledge. That’s why I decided that no matter how hard or how much I had to suffer, I would send my sons and daughters to school so that they could accomplish something, and wouldn’t have to follow in our footsteps. With that guiding us, my husband and I ate and dressed simply and squeezed every penny to send our oldest daughter to technical school and our oldest son to university. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Satan’s Books Can Poison Us”

Eastern Lightning|Gospel Movie clip “Song of Victory” (2) – How to Discern the Modern Pharisees

When the Lord Jesus came to do His work, the head of the religious world slandered and condemned Him, and in the end they united with the Roman government to nail Him on the cross. Nowadays the sinful conduct of those in the religious world who oppose Almighty God is similar to the terrifying words and actions of the Jews who opposed the Lord Jesus back then. Why is this? Do you know the root cause of why they oppose God? Do you want to understand their substance? Then watch this clip! Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|Gospel Movie clip “Song of Victory” (2) – How to Discern the Modern Pharisees”

Eastern Lightning|What Is Truly Accepting Truth?

Eastern Lightning|What Is Truly Accepting Truth?

Xiaohe    Puyang City, Henan Province

  In the past, every time I read the words revealed by God about how people do not accept truth, I didn’t believe those words applied to me. I enjoyed eating and drinking the word of God and communicating God’s word, and I was able to accept and acknowledge everything God has said as truth—regardless of how much it pricked my heart or didn’t conform with my notions. Moreover, regardless of how many imperfections my brothers and sisters would point out, I could acknowledge it and accept it. I didn’t seek to justify myself, so I thought that I was a person who surely accepted truth. Only people who were especially arrogant and conceited and had notions about the word of God, who wouldn’t acknowledge that God’s word is truth were the ones who wouldn’t accept truth. I had always thought this way until one day when I was listening to “Fellowship and Preaching About Life Entry,” I truly understood what it meant to accept truth. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|What Is Truly Accepting Truth?”