Eastern Lightning|What Is Truly Accepting Truth?

Eastern Lightning|What Is Truly Accepting Truth?

Xiaohe    Puyang City, Henan Province

  In the past, every time I read the words revealed by God about how people do not accept truth, I didn’t believe those words applied to me. I enjoyed eating and drinking the word of God and communicating God’s word, and I was able to accept and acknowledge everything God has said as truth—regardless of how much it pricked my heart or didn’t conform with my notions. Moreover, regardless of how many imperfections my brothers and sisters would point out, I could acknowledge it and accept it. I didn’t seek to justify myself, so I thought that I was a person who surely accepted truth. Only people who were especially arrogant and conceited and had notions about the word of God, who wouldn’t acknowledge that God’s word is truth were the ones who wouldn’t accept truth. I had always thought this way until one day when I was listening to “Fellowship and Preaching About Life Entry,” I truly understood what it meant to accept truth. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|What Is Truly Accepting Truth?”


Eastern Lightning|Be Strict With Oneself to Discipline Others

Eastern Lightning|Be Strict With Oneself to Discipline Others

Xiaoyan    Xinyang City, Henan Province

  I had a close work partnership with an elderly sister in general affairs. After working with her for some time, I found her to be careless in her work and that she did not accept the truth. As such, I formed an opinion about her. Gradually, the normal relationship between us was lost, we couldn’t get along well, and were unable to partner up in work. I felt that it was mostly her fault that our relationship had come to this point, and so I tried to figure out all kinds of ways to communicate with her so that she could get to know herself. But all my attempts to communicate with her ended in vain or were even counterproductive. In the end we parted ways, our issues unresolved. This made me even more assured that she was not a person who accepts the truth. After that, the church arranged for me to stay with a different host family. Soon after, I discovered many problems also existed with the host family brother and sister, and I again “labored” to communicate with them, but all my attempts were ineffective, and they began to hold prejudices against me. Faced with these circumstances, I was very troubled and puzzled: Why do the people I meet not accept the truth? Until one day, I found the source of the problem when I ran up against a wall at work. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|Be Strict With Oneself to Discipline Others”

Eastern Lightning|Guileless People Are Not Necessarily Honest People

Cheng Mingjie    Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

  I consider myself to be an outgoing and forthright kind of person. I speak with people in a very straightforward manner; whatever I want to say, I say it—I’m not the type to beat around the bush. In my interactions with people I tend to be a pretty straight shooter. Often, I get cheated or ridiculed for too easily placing trust in others. It was only after I started going to church that I felt I had found a place I could call my own. I thought to myself: In the past my guilelessness has put me at a disadvantage and made me vulnerable to the deception of others; but in church God wants honest people, people who have been scorned by society, so I don’t have to worry anymore about being too guileless. I felt especially comforted when I heard that God loves the honest and simple, and that only the honest shall receive God’s salvation. When I saw how distressed my brothers and sisters had become as they began to recognize their treacherous nature but could not change it, I felt even more relieved that, being honest and straightforward, I wouldn’t have to go through such distress. One day, however, after receiving a revelation from God, I finally realized I wasn’t the honest person I thought I was. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|Guileless People Are Not Necessarily Honest People”

Eastern Lightning | Discriminating Against Outsiders Is Too Malicious!

Xiaojin    Pan’an County, Zhejiang Province

  In February of 2007, the church received a work arrangement entitled “Water and Supply the New Believers to Help Them Take Root as Quickly as Possible.” It emphasized that “It is necessary to utilize all who are effective and experienced at watering the new believers in order to complete this work. People unsuitable for watering the new believers must not be used; they must be replaced to avoid delaying the work” (“The Issues the Church Is Currently Facing Must Be Resolved” in Annals of Fellowship and Work Arrangements (I)). After seeing this arrangement, instead of using the principles to measure whether the sister from our district who watered the new believers was suitable, I held preconceived ideas against her: This person perfunctorily performed her duty and did not focus on eating and drinking the words of God. Besides, she cared for the flesh, so she wasn’t suitable for watering the new believers. More importantly, she thought she had some caliber and so she became arrogant and looked down on others. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Discriminating Against Outsiders Is Too Malicious!”

Eastern Lightning | Using God’s Word as a Mirror

Eastern Lightning | Using God’s Word as a Mirror

Wu Xia    Linyi City, Shandong Province

  After accepting this work and eating and drinking the word of God, it became obvious to me that it is very important that I understand myself. Consequently, while eating and drinking the word of God, I made sure to cross-check myself against the word by which God exposes man. In most cases, I was able to recognize my deficiencies and inadequacies. I felt that I would really come to understand myself. Yet, it was only through a revelation from God that I was able to see that I did not truly understand myself according to God’s word. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Using God’s Word as a Mirror”

Eastern Lightning | The Secret Held Deep Within My Heart

Eastern Lightning | The Secret Held Deep Within My Heart

Wuzhi    Linyi City, Shandong Province

  In the spring of 2006, I was stripped of my position as leader and sent back to where I had come from because I was considered too much of a “yes-man.” When I first got back, I plunged into a crucible of torment and agony. I never thought that after years of leadership things would go downhill on account of being a “yes-man.” This was the end for me, I thought, everyone familiar with me would know of my failure and I would be held up as a bad example in the church. How could I face others after all this? The more I thought, the more negative I became, until I finally lost the faith to continue seeking the truth. However, when I thought of all the sacrifices and expenditures I had made in these past few years, I couldn’t bring myself to quit. If I completely write myself off and accept failure, won’t all my efforts be for naught? Won’t people then think even less of me? I can’t let that happen! I’ve got to stand up for myself and not let others look down their noses at me. Now, no matter how hard I must try, how many wrongs I suffer, I’ve got to buck up—I can’t quit halfway! As long as I remember the lessons of failure and focus on seeking the truth, maybe one day I can become a leader again. With these thoughts in mind, all the negativity and sadness faded and I felt a renewed energy in my pursuit. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | The Secret Held Deep Within My Heart”