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Only God Is My Reliance | Short Film “Waking Up in Afflictions” | Eastern Lightning

Only God Is My Reliance | Short Film “Waking Up in Afflictions” | Eastern Lightning

He is Li Cheng. He was once a member of the CCP and the head of a township enterprise. Due to the needs of his work, he often came into contact with many CCP officials and saw their true face of exploiting people and being wicked and corrupt. So, he was quite disappointed in the government. After accepting Almighty God’s work in the last days, he preached the gospel fervently and soon became a local “notable.” Many people “warned” him that he would get into trouble if he believed in God. But he didn’t see through the CCP’s reactionary substance of being hostile to God. One day in March 2002, the captain of the Public Security Division and six policemen broke into his house and arrested him. They took him to the criminal police department of the Public Security Bureau and interrogated him by cruel tortures. During that time, the evil policemen beat him, hung him to the windows, and even threatened him by using his family affection. The three days and nights of “wheel combat” threw him into passivity and misery, but God’s warm words encouraged, comforted, and guided him time and again, so that he made a firm resolution and bore witness to God. His experience of the cruel tortures and the one and a half years of hard labor made him see clearly the CCP’s reactionary substance of being hostile to God, and understand more clearly God’s almightiness and wisdom in making use of Satan to serve His purpose of perfecting His chosen people.
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Eastern Lightning | Official Trailer “Escape From the Devil’s Den”

She was a strong-minded woman. She paid a painstaking effort but always failed to get her wish, so she felt lost and was disoriented…. In her distress and helplessness, Almighty God’s end-time salvation came upon her. She saw the light of life and found the true goal in God’s word, and her life was thus full of vitality and happiness. Unexpectedly, she was secretly watched and arrested by the CCP government because of that. To force her into selling out the church, the evil cops carried out “wheel combat” to destroy her willpower. During half a month, she was beaten up whenever dozed. In the face of the devils’ endless torture, she was mentally tensed and horrified all along…. In danger, God accompanied her by her side all the time, giving her faith, courage, and wisdom, and helping her miraculously flee the devil’s den under the evil cops’ eyes. Experiencing the CCP government’s persecution that time, she saw through the CCP devil’s evil and reactionary substance. Moreover, she personally experienced God’s wonderful deeds of ruling over everything and felt the tender care and love from God. She resolved to commit her whole life to God and perform the duty of a created being properly to repay God’s grace.

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.

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Find the Right Way to Kingdom of Heaven “Awakening From the Dream”| Eastern Lightning

Like thousands of followers of the Lord Jesus, Yu Fan focused on studying the Bible, sacrificed and paid the price of suffering for the Lord, and pursued to serve the Lord fervently. She thought this was the way to secure her rapture into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord returns. However, just when Yu Fan was enthusiastically preaching and working for the Lord to fulfill her wonderful dream, her co-workers raised such question: It’s true we are forgiven of our sins by our faith in the Lord, and we are capable of forsaking everything, suffering, and paying a price for the Lord. But we still often expose our corruption and commit sins to resist God. God is holy. Are we, so corrupt, really able to gain God’s approval? Are we really up to the standard for rapture into the kingdom of heaven? However, the co-workers’ question did not set Yu Fan reflecting. It was after the preachers of the Church of Almighty God had fellowship and debates with her that she came to realize the mystery of rapture into the kingdom of heaven. Only then did she finally awaken from the dream and become certain that Almighty God was the Savior Jesus she had been expecting day and night.

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Eastern Lightning|I Shed Remorseful Tears Before the Almighty God

I. Having Listened to the Rumors and Believed the Lies, I Blindly Resisted God;

For “Guarding the Church” and “Defending the Way,” I Shut Out the Lord.

Wang Haijun

Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

I am Wang Haijun, formerly a preacher in the “Justification by Faith Church.” Like other brothers and sisters, I believed in God for the purpose of going to heaven and gaining eternal life, and I served God for the purpose of gaining the crown of righteousness. While I was earnestly expecting the Lord to return to reward me, I actually shut the door on the Lord and became one who resisted God, because I was foolish and ignorant and believed the rumors.

In 1999, a copy of the material called The Inside Story of the Eastern Lightning was circulated from some other church to our church. It said that “the Eastern Lightning” was a cult and a heresy, that their book contained a magic drug, and that once one read it, he would be bewitched. It said that those people had evil spirits in them, and that once one listened to their fellowship, he would be deceived into joining them. It also said that “the Eastern Lightning” was an underworld organization, that if one joined it, he couldn’t withdraw, and that those who had withdrawn either had their legs broken or their noses cut off. I swallowed everything in that material without thinking and publicized it wildly. Besides, I established in the church the rules to guard against “the Lightning”: No one is allowed to have contact with “the Eastern Lightning,” or listen to their fellowship, or read their books. If any outside believer comes, bring him to the church, and no one is allowed to receive him privately. Any violator must offer a sincere prayer of repentance. He will be disciplined or excommunicated according to how deeply he has been “poisoned.” The outside believers can only listen and not preach.

At that time, Sister Wang in our church accepted “the Eastern Lightning.” I forced her to offer a prayer of repentance, but she refused. So, I drove her out of the church and did not allow her to attend meetings anymore. Under my pressure, Sister Zhang, when her elder sister traveled more than forty li to preach God’s end-time gospel to her, was so frightened that she hid herself and did not dare to serve her sister even a meal. Afterward, I still forced her to offer a prayer of repentance. This made her feel so wronged that she could not speak but only shed tears silently. Later, two out-of-town sisters came to my home and said to me, “The Lord has come. Woe to those who do not accept…” I said contemptuously, “The Lord has come? Have you seen him? Woe to whom? I think that a great disaster is hanging over your head!” With these words, I drove them out. After that, of nearly one hundred people who preached the end-time gospel to me, some were brushed aside by me, some were angrily rebuked by me, some received violent pushes, mockeries, and taunts, even teases and humiliations from me, and still some were driven away by my threat to call the police.

By 2000, our church had completely lost the normal church life. Guarding against “the Lightning” and talking about the “rumors about the Lightning” occupied most of the meeting time, and there was no supply of the word of life at all. The more we guarded against “the Lightning,” the smaller the number in the church became. The brothers and sisters became weaker and weaker, and there were more and more people who dozed during sermons. The leaders committed sexual immorality and were engaged in disputes, and the brothers and sisters intrigued against one another and formed factions among themselves. The church had already fallen apart. In the autumn of 2001, though I frenziedly resisted “the Eastern Lightning” and stepped up efforts to seal the church, more than half of the people in our church, including my wife and my sister-in-law, accepted “the Eastern Lightning” behind my back. Only I was kept in the dark. When I knew the truth, “flowers had fallen off” and I could do nothing. Even so, I still frenziedly shouted a slogan: “Even if I am the only one left, I will not accept ‘the Eastern Lightning’!” At that time, I knew that the church had completely lost the working of the Holy Spirit. When preaching, we depended solely on the strength of the flesh, and when singing, we only sang sad songs like “The Desolation of God’s Temple.” The atmosphere was so dead. Many times, I knelt down before the Lord, wept bitterly, and prayed to him to revive the church, but I got no “answer.” Then, I fell into deep thinking: “What is ‘Lightning’? Is it really like what is said in the rumors? Wherein is it ‘cultish’? Wherein is it ‘heretical’? It doesn’t matter that I cannot go to heaven, but what about so many brothers and sisters? The Lord says that the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. Now, of the Lord’s sheep, some have returned to the world, some have joined ‘the Lightning,’ and the rest have become so passive and weak that they cannot pick themselves up. If this continues, how can I give an account to the Lord when he comes? To get the Lord’s sheep back and to stop the brothers and sisters from being ‘deceived,’ even if I have to climb up the mountain of swords or plunge into the sea of flames, I will venture into it. I must ‘personally go into the tiger’s den’ to bring the whole thing to light.”

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Eastern Lightning|God’s Amazing Power | Short Film “A New Life Out of Tortures”

Li Yan was a leader of the Church of Almighty God. Once on her way to a meeting, she was arrested by the CCP government without reason and was cruelly tortured by the devils. When they found her pregnant through the examination, without her knowing it, the CCP lackeys made her abort with drugs, such a sinister means. In order to cover the crime, they even savagely gave her injections causing “dementia.” And they forced her to take the pills causing schizophrenia for five months, in an attempt to make her demented and lose memory. Li Yan was damaged and fell into a trance, and gradually she had hallucinations and a stupor…. Overwhelmed with distress, she was in despair and tried to commit suicide many times. However, Almighty God inspired and guided her with words time after time, and also let the sisters in jail help her. Thus, gradually she got back to a normal mentality…. Almighty God especially kept and led her in the devil’s dark den, so that she stood tenaciously in the tortures of the devils, walked out of the valley of the shadow of death step by step, and saw the light again.…

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Eastern Lightning | God’s Word Gives Me Strength | Short Film “The Inextinguishable Life Force”

She is an ordinary person. In common life, like many people who thirsted for light, she had tried many ways to seek the true meaning of human life so that her life could be meaningful, but in the end all that was in vain. Ever since she fortunately accepted Almighty God’s end-time work, her life had a wonderful change and began to become colorful. She understood that only God is the real supplier of man’s heart and life, and only God’s word is the true meaning of human life. She was thankful that she had finally found the right way of human life. However, once in performing duty, she was illegally arrested by the CCP and was inhumanly tortured. Hence, in her life journey she I had a deeply ingrained life experience. …

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