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I, Being Arrogant, Finally Fell Before the Throne of Almighty God

I, Being Arrogant, Finally Fell Before the Throne of Almighty God

Peng Lin

Baoji City, Shaanxi Province

Since I was a little child, I had believed in Jesus with my parents. During the Great Cultural Revolution, I saw that many “great men” who believed in God were put in prison yet I was safe and sound, so I felt that God loved me so much, and that I was probably the “apple of God’s eye” and thus no one on earth dared to touch me. Therefore, I looked on myself as “God’s favored one” and became proud and supercilious. I remember that in 1978, Wang X, a leader of the Three-Self sect, and several county leaders came to Baoji City to deal with us house churches. When Wang X said that we must believe in God according to the constitution, I became furious and argued with him, saying, “If we believe in God in this way, are we faithful to the constitution or to God? …” This made my name spread over the entire Old Local Church. I seemed to have become a hero and a model. From then on, the brothers and sisters looked up to me very much. If they had a meeting without me in attendance, they would feel very disappointed. And some people came by car especially to listen to my preaching and applauded it. That even more made me forget who I was. I boasted that I had never tumbled on the path of belief in God and thought that I had been gained by God. But unexpectedly, when God came the second time and called me to return to him, I rejected, resisted, and ignored him, standing in a high position and treating everything with contempt. It was not until in April 2001 that I fell down before Almighty God.

In 1997 when I first heard the message that “the Lord has returned,” I neither gave it any importance nor sought. Instead, I thought that it was “sheer nonsense” and a “heretical fallacy.”

In the spring of that year, I heard more rumors about “the Eastern Lightning” at a co-worker meeting. They said, “People of ‘the Eastern Lightning’ say that the Lord has returned. That’s not possible at all. Their bewitching power is very great and dangerous. Their means are cruel, and their movements are furtive. Their preaching spreads very rapidly and is going to sweep across the entire ‘Christian world’ like a storm. Even many of those who have a firm foundation have been deceived. So we cannot take it lightly. …” As for these indefensible and absurd rumors, I not only did not doubt them, but believed them to be absolutely true. At that time, I thought haughtily, “God regards me as a ‘treasure.’ No matter how cruel, diabolic, and insidious the people of ‘the Eastern Lightning’ are, they dare not touch me. It’s not a big deal to me.” And I also thought belligerently, “People of ‘the Eastern Lightning,’ if you are really capable, come to preach to me face to face. I’m not afraid. Just come to me if you have the guts. You’ll see how I score you off. I will make you leave ashamed.” After I went back, I repeated all those rumors to the brothers and sisters.

In the winter of 1998, two brothers from Henan Province came to our meeting, yet I did not take much notice of them. Several days later, Brother Qi of our church said to me in secret, “Those two Henan people stayed at my home for five to six days, and finally they told me that the Lord had returned and done a new work. I couldn’t accept it, so I drove them away angrily.” I nodded my head approvingly and said smilingly, “Well done! These ‘heresy’ preachers should be driven away mercilessly.”

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Eastern Lightning | God’s Utterance “God Himself, the Unique VII” (Part One)

Eastern Lightning | God’s Utterance “God Himself, the Unique VII” (Part One)


God’s words in this video are from the book “A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh.”
The content of this video:
(I) An Overview of God’s Authority, God’s Righteous Disposition, and God’s Holiness

God Has Come God Has Reigned | “Chinese Gospel Choir Episode 18”
New Heaven and New Earth “The Significance of the Appearance of God”
Love God With All My Heart | “I Will Love God to Eternity” (Official Music Video)
Attend the Feast of the Kingdom of Heaven “Break the Shackles and Run”

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—Almighty God, Christ of the last days in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.


This video is the public-use product made independently by the Church of Almighty God. We publish this video product without charging third parties any fees, and welcome everyone to share it. Without the approval of the Church of Almighty God, any organization, social group or person are forbidden to falsify or distort this video.

Hearing God’s Voice | Gospel Movie “A Late Answer” | Eastern Lightning

Hearing God’s Voice | Gospel Movie “A Late Answer” | Eastern Lightning


Tang Jie served the Lord zealously for nearly forty years and expected the return of the Lord Jesus eagerly all the time. Having given up her family and her career, she established many house meeting places. As the work of the Holy Spirit shifted, the church became desolate gradually. She tried every possible way to revive it, but in vain. During this process, God’s gospel of the last days came upon her church. To “defend the Lord’s way,” she wrote a pamphlet to fabricate rumors against, slander, and attack Almighty God’s work of the last days, and sealed her church to hinder the believers from listening to the messages. However, increasingly more believers returned to Almighty God. At the end of her tether, Tang Jie fell into misery, confusion, and helplessness….

By chance, Tang Jie and two preachers of the Eastern Lightning had a fierce debate on the truth. After that, she not only understood the real reason for the desolation of the church, but also knew that God has already been incarnated and begun the judgment work of the last days. She realized that she was resisting the Lord Jesus she had been eagerly expecting for years, and was following in Pharisees’ footsteps of serving God yet resisting God. So she truly fell down before God and offered a “late” answer….

I Heard God’s Voice While living in Sins

I Heard God’s Voice While living in Sins

Yang Zhiying

Haicheng City, Liaoning Province

My name is Yang Zhiying. In 1991, I, together with my husband, were called and turned to the Lord. Before long, I became a co-worker in the Tambourines Playing and Dancing Church. Whenever I attended the large meeting of the co-workers, the sight of the gathering of over a hundred people filled me with elation, and I felt very honored and proud to be a follower of God in this life. I resolved to consecrate my whole life to the Lord. I shepherded and sustained the church throughout the years regardless of wind or rain. And I believed that as I toiled and worked so faithfully for the Lord, there must be a crown of righteousness laid up for me at the time of the Lord’s coming. But little did I imagine that when the Lord came, I shut the door on Him and became an evil servant that resists God.

In 1999, in a co-workers’ meeting, our leader said, “Now there are a band of believers of the ‘Eastern Lightning’ preaching that the Lord has come. They preach it especially to the co-workers and believers who pursue the Lord actively, and they don’t observe the boundaries between men and women. Moreover, whoever joins them will not be able to withdraw. If he tries to, they will gouge out his eyes, cut off his nose, or break his legs…. We must keep an eye on the sheep entrusted to us by the Lord; if any sheep is taken away, we won’t be able to give an account to the Lord. …” And he especially told me, “Sister Yang, you’ve got to keep a good watch over the flock for the Lord.” I replied loudly, “No sheep will be lost as long as I live!” After I got home, I went to every place to seal off the church. I passed on the leader’s words to the brothers and sisters and warned them seriously, “Besides the name of Jesus, there is no other name by which we must be saved. So, we must hold on to the name of the Lord no matter when. To protect ourselves, the best way is to receive no strangers. We should also not receive any of our relatives who believes in the Lord but preaches someone else other than Jesus even if he is our sibling.” Usually, when I came across any of our church members, I always reminded him, “Be watchful. Don’t be taken in.”

One day in July 2000, I was chopping firewood outside my gate when I saw from a distance a relative of mine who had accepted Almighty God walking toward my home with a sister. At that moment, my heart skipped a beat, and I hastily warned myself: Never be swayed by emotion. So, when they came up to me, I refused to fellowship with them, not sparing their feelings at all. I did not even let them in or give them a sip of water, but urged them to go away. As they pleaded with me to listen to their fellowship instead of leaving, I thought out an idea. I hurried to a sister who was my neighbor and said to her, “Two followers of the ‘Eastern Lightning’ have come to my home. Please do me a favor. Come to my home after a while, and call for me to go and buy fertilizer with you, and say that we won’t get it if late.” In this way, I got away from them. Then, I secretly led several sisters in our church up the hill to pray to curse them and ask the Lord to drive them away. Later, I showed off my act of sacrificing ties of blood to righteousness for the sake of the Lord before other co-workers. From then on, I resisted more fiercely. I swore that I would not only guard my home properly but also prevent the followers of the “Eastern Lightning” from entering into other believers’ homes.

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Only God Is My Reliance | Short Film “Waking Up in Afflictions” | Eastern Lightning

Only God Is My Reliance | Short Film “Waking Up in Afflictions” | Eastern Lightning


He is Li Cheng. He was once a member of the CCP and the head of a township enterprise. Due to the needs of his work, he often came into contact with many CCP officials and saw their true face of exploiting people and being wicked and corrupt. So, he was quite disappointed in the government. After accepting Almighty God’s work in the last days, he preached the gospel fervently and soon became a local “notable.” Many people “warned” him that he would get into trouble if he believed in God. But he didn’t see through the CCP’s reactionary substance of being hostile to God. One day in March 2002, the captain of the Public Security Division and six policemen broke into his house and arrested him. They took him to the criminal police department of the Public Security Bureau and interrogated him by cruel tortures. During that time, the evil policemen beat him, hung him to the windows, and even threatened him by using his family affection. The three days and nights of “wheel combat” threw him into passivity and misery, but God’s warm words encouraged, comforted, and guided him time and again, so that he made a firm resolution and bore witness to God. His experience of the cruel tortures and the one and a half years of hard labor made him see clearly the CCP’s reactionary substance of being hostile to God, and understand more clearly God’s almightiness and wisdom in making use of Satan to serve His purpose of perfecting His chosen people.
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Eastern Lightning | God’s Word Is the Power of My Life | Short Film “A Life Growing in Adversity”

Eastern Lightning | God’s Word Is the Power of My Life | Short Film “A Life Growing in Adversity”


Yang Xiaoxue is a church leader of the Church of Almighty God. She was arrested by the CCP when having a meeting, and underwent interrogations by inhuman tortures, such as being beaten, being handcuffed behind the back, being hung and beaten, being shocked by an electric baton, and so on. She was afflicted until she was to be wounded all over, and some parts of her wrists split and bled, but she didn’t give in all along. At last, she was sentenced to two years of hard labor, during which she was inhumanly maltreated by the prison guards, and was overloaded with hard labor for a long time. Suffering from the inhuman and cruel tortures and illegal imprisonment, she deeply experienced the hardships. However, there was always a strong power supporting her, and keeping her strong, not fragile. Unexpectedly, she received a valuable treasure. What kind of treasure is it?
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