Every Nation Worships Almighty God “Gospel Choir 19th Performance” | Choir Trailer

Every Nation Worships Almighty God “Chinese Gospel Choir 19th Performance” | Official Trailer

Under a starry, quiet and peaceful night sky, a group of Christians earnestly awaiting the return of the Savior sing and dance to cheerful music. When they hear the joyful news “God has returned” and “God has uttered new words”, they are surprised and excited. They think: “God has returned? He has already appeared?!” With curiosity and uncertainty, one after another, they step into the journey of seeking God’s new words. In their arduous seeking, some people are questioning while others simply accept it. Some people look on without comment, while others make suggestions and search for answers in the Bible—they look but in the end it is fruitless…. Just when they become discouraged, a witness brings them a copy of the Age of Kingdom Bible, and they are deeply attracted to the words in the book. What kind of book is this really? Have they actually found the new words that God has uttered in that book? Have they welcomed the appearance of God? Continue reading “Every Nation Worships Almighty God “Gospel Choir 19th Performance” | Choir Trailer”


Eastern Lightning|Satanic Philosophy Is Entrapping and Damaging

Eastern Lightning|Satanic Philosophy Is Entrapping and Damaging

Wu You    Hechi City, Guangxi Province

  Some time ago, the church arranged for me to live with a host family for work reasons. When I first had fellowship with the brother and sister of the host family, they said, “We are most afraid of praying at fellowship. We know what to say when we pray on our own, but when it comes to fellowship praying, we just don’t know what to say.” When I heard this, I thought to myself, “If we don’t pray during fellowship we will not be able to receive the work of the Holy Spirit, and communication will not be effective. We’ve got to pray!” But then I reconsidered, thinking that if they really were afraid of praying, would they not form an opinion of me if I insisted that they pray? To fulfill my duties in editing articles, I would need to stay with the host family long term. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning|Satanic Philosophy Is Entrapping and Damaging”