Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God Android App Introduction

The Church of Almighty God app leads you to follow the Lamb’s footsteps. Investigate God’s work of the last days, and you will see the appearance of God.

The Eastern Lightning, the Church of Almighty God came into being because of the appearance and work of Almighty God—the returned Lord Jesus—Christ of the last days. The church is comprised of all those who accept Almighty God’s work of the last days and are conquered and saved by God’s word. It was entirely founded by Almighty God personally, and is also personally led and shepherded by Him, and it was by no means set up by any man. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. God’s sheep hear God’s voice. Once you read Almighty God’s word, you will see God has appeared already. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God Android App Introduction”


Eastern Lightning | I Experienced God’s Salvation

Eastern Lightning | I Experienced God’s Salvation

Cheng Hao    Yongzhou City, Hunan Province

  By the grace of God, my wife and I were promoted to the second-line gospel team to fulfill our duties. A little while ago, my wife was promoted to team director, while I, as a result of my own arrogance and wanton behavior, lost the work of the Holy Spirit and was sent home to reflect on my actions. Given that my wife and I began fulfilling our duties at the same time, it was a hard pill to swallow seeing her promoted while I was dismissed from my duties. Tears came to my eyes as I thought: “It’s over for me. God is separating out each after his kind and, given that I’ve been dismissed, this is certainly that I’ve been revealed and eliminated. Oh! Who would have thought that after all these years, my life as a believer would end in such utter failure. All I can do now is wait for my punishment.” Then I headed home with a heavy heart. From then on I became mired in defeat and full of misunderstanding and blame for God. I was hopelessly sunk in darkness. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | I Experienced God’s Salvation”