Eastern Lightning | Service of This Kind Is Truly Contemptible

               Ding Ning    Heze City, Shandong Province

  Over the past few days, the church has arranged a change in my work. As I received this new assignment, I thought, “I need to take this final opportunity to call a meeting with my brothers and sisters, speak to them clearly about matters, and leave them with a good impression.” Therefore, I met with several deacons, and at the close of our time together, I said, “I have been asked to leave here and move on to different work. I hope you will accept the leader who is coming to replace me and work together with her with one heart and one mind.” As soon as they heard me say these words, some of the sisters who were present blanched, and the smiles fell from their faces. Some of them grasped my hands, some of them embraced me, and weeping they said, “You cannot leave us! You cannot cast us aside and ignore our needs! …” The sister of the host family was especially unwilling to let me go. She said to me, “It is so good that you are here with us. You are someone who can endure hardship, and you are good at fellowshiping about the truth. No matter when we needed you, you were always there to patiently help us. If you go, what will we do? …” Seeing their reluctance to part from me, my heart was full of joy and satisfaction. I comforted them with these words: “Depend on God. When I can, I will come back and visit you….” Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Service of This Kind Is Truly Contemptible”


Eastern Lightning | Almighty God’s Word “How to Serve in Harmony With God’s Will” | The Church of Almighty God

Almighty God says, “If you wish to serve God’s will, you must first understand what kind of people are beloved by God, what kind of people are loathed by God, what kind of people are made perfect by God, and what kind of people are qualified to serve God. This is the very least that you ought to be equipped with. Moreover, you should know the aims of God’s work, and the work that God shall do in the here and now. After understanding this, and through the guidance of God’s words, you will first enter, and first receive God’s commission. When you actually experience based upon God’s words, and when you truly know God’s work, you will be qualified to serve God. And it is when you serve Him that God enlightens your spiritual eyes, and allows you to have a greater understanding of His work and see it more clearly. When you enter this reality, your experiences will be more profound and real, and all those who have had such experiences will be able to walk among the churches and provide to their brothers and sisters, each side drawing on the strengths of the other to make up for their own deficiencies, and gaining a richer knowledge in their spirits. Only after achieving this effect will you be able to serve God’s will and be made perfect by God in the course of your service.” Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Almighty God’s Word “How to Serve in Harmony With God’s Will” | The Church of Almighty God”