Eastern Lightning | Return of a Prodigal Son

                Wang Xin    Harbin City

  In 1999, I became a leader due to the requirements of the work of the church. Although I felt deeply that I was not worthy of the job when I first started, after a while, due to my arrogant and self-righteous nature, my initial cautiousness gradually turned into exalting myself and testifying about myself. I cared about food, clothes, and enjoyment, greedily indulging in the blessings of my status. I even wanted to be on an equal footing with God. In the end, I was finally dismissed and sent home. It was only after this that I had an awakening and realized that “status” had made me give up on God and the truth; “status” had made me set up my individual kingdom; “status” had turned me into an antichrist; “status” made me embark on the road to death. It was only then that I discovered that I had strayed so very far from the right path and already fallen too deep. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Return of a Prodigal Son”

Eastern Lightning | Love God Even More Under the Persecution and Tribulation | “Sweetness in Adversity” (Movie Trailer)

Han Lu is a leader of the Church of Almighty God in mainland China. She is brave and tough, loves the truth, has wisdom, and has true faith in God. In order to completely ban all the house churches, the CCP government issued secret documents one after another, dispatching heavy police forces to frenziedly arrest and persecute Christians of the Church of Almighty God. In one of the arrests, the CCP police arrested Han Lu and many other Christians. In order to obtain the money of the church, arrest more church leaders, and destroy the Church of Almighty God, the CCP police brutally tortured Han Lu, brainwashed and re-educated her. They also used various base means, such as coercion and bribery and influencing Han Lu by her family affection, attempting to disrupt her psychological line of defense…. In pain and weakness, Han Lu relied on God and prayed to God. Under the guidance of God’s word, she saw through every scheme of Satan, overcame repeated exertion of confession by torture, and forcefully refuted all sorts of rumors and fallacies from the CCP. She bore beautiful and resounding testimonies for God in the suffering environment caused by the CCP’s persecution….  Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Love God Even More Under the Persecution and Tribulation | “Sweetness in Adversity” (Movie Trailer)”